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wtorek, 2 stycznia 2018

GasGas Rally Team gotowy na 40-tą edycję Rajdu Dakar


Jonathan Barragán, Johnny Aubert i Cristian España
to właśnie oni będą reprezentować GAS GAS-a na tegorocznym rajdzie Dakar!

Wow nareszcie mocny team, którego menagerem jest wszystkim doskonale znany Giovanni Sala (wielokrotny Mistrz Świata w rajdach enduro, kilkukrotny zwycięzca ISDE oraz kilkukrotny drużynowy zwycięzca ISDE Word Trophy Włoskiego Teamu).
Oj będzie się działo :D a to wszystko już w najbliższą Sobotę, godz. 23:00 na Eurosport!

a o to co mają do powiedzenia przed startem:
GIOVANNI SALA:"All our riders have exceptional driving technique and great experience. Aubert and España have already participated in the Dakar, and for Barragán this will mean his debut, although it will be his second rally. The team has a very good feeling of camaraderie, something essential to face a 'marathon' as long as the Dakar. This 40th anniversary edition has been designed to return to the classic difficulties of this race, a challenging route with many kilometres among dunes and on sand, and with 2 stages without assistance. At a mechanical level, this experience will allow us to transmit our feelings to GasGas engineers, who in turn can reflect this in the bikes we offer our customers. The first goal is for our three bikes to finish this demanding race. Then the challenge will be to get back to the 'top ten' of the final classification."

JONATHAN BARRAGAN: "The Dakar has always been a dream for me. It's an attractive but complicated challenge, because it's two weeks long and I've never spent a fortnight racing on a motorcycle. Despite this, I believe that the time has come and we are ready to accept the opportunity that Torrot has given us. I still have to get into the swing of the race, because this will be my first time competing. I know it will be a very hard rally and my goal is not to make big navigation mistakes, take care of the mechanics and avoid falls. We make a great team together with Johnny [Aubert] and Cristian [España], and I am sure that Giovanni Sala's experience in the Dakar will be of great help to us. This is our first Dakar as a team; our goal is to complete each stage and have our three bikes finish the race, which would mean we have done a great job. "

JOHNNY AUBERT: "The Dakar has always been my dream. I already raced in the Dakar in 2012, but I was left with the feeling that I could demonstrate much more. That's why I'm happy to be at the start of this magical race thanks to Torrot. I'm doing it with a very special team and brand, with a long tradition in 'off-road' and with important objectives to achieve. Our team is made up of passionately enthusiastic people, starting with Gio Sala, who I know from the Enduro World Championship, Jordi Arilla, Josep María Giralt and Jordi Grau amongst others. I know that the coming Dakar will be long, intense and exciting. I'm still improving in the navigation section and I know I have to be patient; each day will be a step forward. My goal as a rider is the same as that of the team: I want to do everything possible to prove that GasGas is back. I want my bike to reach the end, along with those of my two companions."

CRISTIAN ESPAÑA:"The call from GasGas was a surprise. After the good results of the last few years, I knew that something like this could happen, but the truth is that it took me by surprise. We met, I was presented with the project and... I simply loved it! I am very happy to have signed up with a great brand like Torrot. I feel fortunate being a part of the official GasGas team, surrounded by people who are great professionals. I am very motivated to face this new challenge in my sporting career. I have shown that I am a fast rider and that I can bring a lot of experience to the team, both on a personal level and as a navigator. We are leaving for the Dakar with a very clear premise, finish and help in every way so our three bikes to reach the end, in Cordoba."

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